Each of the follow products has been created as a template for other developers to use. On the product page of each you will find a template for the exact shae and size which you are welcome to customise and then use to derive from each.
The opacity map will do all the work for you when you derive from the product you wish to use.
Each is skintight and uses a 256x512 px template.

For female...  
R: 4-Dev! Fishnet Tank
R: 4-Dev! Fishnet Bikini
R: 4-Dev! Tank Top [F]
R: 4-Dev! Heart Bikini
R: 4-Dev! Stud Gloves
260crDerive 260crDerive 260crDerive 260crDerive
R: 4-Dev! Corset&Shrug 2
R: 4-Dev! Corset&Shrug 1
Derive260cr Derive260cr      
For male
R: 4-Dev! FishnetTop [M]
R: 4-Dev! NetTankTop [M]
R: 4-Dev! T Shirt [M]
R: 4-Dev! Tank Top [M]
300crDerive 300crDerive 300crDerive Derive300cr