Latest releases
Derivable Spider Dreads Hairstyles
Date: 29th May 2008
Two tumbles of assorted dreadlocks from a base with a tight headband. There are 6 textures allowing for 4 different coloured dreads and everything is fully opacity mapped for ultimate customisation. One set is solid, one with feathered ends and one is curled.
Derivable Teya Hairstyles
Date: 19th May 2008
Two smooth and sleek hairstyles featuring defined bangs and shoulder-length hair. The second version features a slick pony tail and slide fastener.
Skintight Lace Heart Garters
Date: 18th May 2008
Three black lace garters on the right leg that feature coloured ribbon and heart and bow details. These cannot be worn with skintight bottoms!
5 New Triggered Poses
Date: 16th May 2008
Cheap, unique triggered poses for your avatar! Compatible with both male and female.
Derivable Curved Ear Stretchers
Date: 15th May 2008
Curved ear stretchers with end detailing of stars and hearts. Fully derivable for your own customisation at 350 credit breakeven!
Derivable Taurus Piercings
Date: 14th May 2008
Ring piercings through the nose with balls. Fully derivable!
Striped Tanks with Sheer Torn Top
Date: 9th May 2008
Purple, red or white and black tank tops layered over a sheer top that's tattered, torn and patched with fishnet.
BluPur, GrePin & WhiCri Camisole Sets
Date: 6th May 2008
Black and sheer camisole tops over black shorts, with bow detailing and a coloured pattern.
BluPur, GrePin & WhiCri Annalee Hairstyles
Date: 4th May 2008
Neon striped pigtails in either blue and purple, green and pink or red and white.
Ahsen & Ruby Stargazers
Date: 4th May 2008
Glossy, realistic-looking eyes in either monochrome or crimson. For both males and females.
BluPur, GrePin & WhiCri Andriya Hairstyles
Date: 3rd May 2008
Neon striped bangless base with tumbling curls in either blue and purple, green and pink or red and white.

Anarchy Punk Tank Top

Date: 25th April 2008
Punk's not dead! A Union Jack tank top layered over a black fishnet shirt - Britain's never been so stylish!

Chained Stud Belt Bootlegs & Tank-Skirt Combo

Date: 25th April 2008
Baggy black flared trousers or a tank top and miniskirt with sheer top and tights, both with a studded belt and metal chain details.

Derivable Collars - Male and Female

Date: 21st April 2008
Simple collars to derive from, templates included in the product descriptions - 300cr breakeven!
Derivable 4-Dev! Range (Templates Included)
Date: 17th April 2008
A basic set of clothing that include opacity mapping and texture templates to aid your developing! The set includes fingerless gloves, a bikini and a tank top for female, and a tank top and T-shirt for male, and four fishnet tops.
Stargazer Eyes
Date: 11th April 2008
Glossy, bright eyes for both male and female avatars in BluPur, Emerald, Ice, Magenta and Brown

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