Latest releases
Tartan Emo/Punk Pants
Date: 14th May 2008
Skintight, decorated tartan trousers with stars, hearts, chains and a bullet belt.
Punk Hand Tattoos
Date: 5th May 2008
For any skintone - tattooed knuckles.
NEW MESH - Sonic Spikes & Zach Hair
Date: 4th May 2008
A wild, spiky hairstyle ideal for punks and rockers, and a tamer, stylish hairstyle with long curtains.
Lime Green/Red & White Punk Pants
Date: 1st May 2008
Skintight plaid pants for females, with rips, patches and belt details.
Mesher & Texturer VIP Stickers
Date: 28th April 2008
Steel grey VIP style sticker with Texturer/Mesher scrolling text.
NEW MESH - Smaller Feet Derivables
Date: 25th April 2008
Bodysuit meshes with smaller feet, perfect for creating lingerie, pajamas or swimsuits.

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